for wheel nuts and bolts

The patented wheel nut protective cap KSW provides optimum protection for wheel nuts and bolts. Customisable logos lend a personal touch to your vehicle.


For wheel nuts and bolts, including those conforming to DIN 74361. Please contact us if you have been unable to find the right protective cap for your application.


Our patented fixing system guarantees a firm, secure hold.


We use an engineering plastic with resilient mechanical properties for our wheel nut protective caps KSW. It is an impact and chemical-resistant material that, thanks to its enormous operating temperature range, is suitable for use in both snowy and icy conditions and at high temperatures such as occur due to frequent and longer braking. The cap covers the entire nut and bolt, thus preventing any troublesome rusting of the connection.


In addition to safeguarding the bolt connection, our cap also protects your personal safety. It covers sharp edges to prevent any injuries.


  • Available for widths across flats from 19 mm to 33 mm
  • Available in 7 different colors
  • Can be decorated with your individual multicoloured logo, photo or coat of arms. We can create your uniquely personal design with the aid of the latest digital printing technique
  • Available with fixed value indicators for checking the secure fit of wheel nuts – quickly and easily


No special tools are required to fit the wheel nut protective cap KSW. The hexagonal cap has the same width across flats as the wheel nut, meaning you can fit it without difficulty using your vehicle tools. After pressing on, the cap is turned in a clockwise direction until it securely engages.

Technical information

  • chocks
  • Impact-resistant plastic
  • Width across flats 19 to 33 mm
  • suitable according to DIN 74361
  • available with fixed pointer


  • Radmutterschutzkappen
  • Radmutterschutzkappen
  • Radmutterschutzkappen