Wind power industry

The perfect solution – onshore and offshore

Whether at the rotor blades or on the concrete, we provide the perfect solution for every threaded connection – both onshore and offshore.

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Wheels firmly under control

Our caps remain firmly in place and therefor guarantee safety and protection without lessening the vehicle’s appearance.

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Protection at the highest levels

Whether on bridges or skyscrapers, our caps protect your bolts everywhere – including at the highest levels.

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The perfect corrosion protection

Screws and bolts can quickly build up corrosion in the supply field, but with our caps the screws are completely sealed up and therefor protected from corrosion.

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Mechanical engineering

Better safe than sorry

On machines, injuries can quickly occur. Through our protective caps eliminate the injuries caused by screwing in everyday production.

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Commercial vehicles

Perfect protection for wheel nuts

Our wheel nut protection caps offer the perfect protection for wheel nuts in every size and simultaneously give the rim a better appearance.

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