Wind Energy

Protection on land or on sea

Whether for the screws of the rotor blade, the tower or the foundation, we offer the best solution for any application – On- and offshore.

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New mobility perfectly protected

The automotive industry is changing, alternate engines are the future of this industry. Our solutions guarantee safe screw connections in the interior, the engine, the tank, the battery and the exterior – impartial from the engine type.

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Construction Industry

Protection at the highest levels

Whether on bridges or skyscrapers, our caps protect your bolts everywhere – including at the highest levels.

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Energy Supply

Protection from corrosion

In the supply industry corrosion can happen quickly at water, gas or oil supply systems. Our protection caps help maintain the supply security.

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Better safe than sorry

The availability of facilities and machines ensures the success of our customers. Our protection caps help by maintaining the life span, minimizing service and avoiding injuries.

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Commercial vehicles

Protection with unique looks

Our wheel nut protection caps offer the best protection for wheel nuts of every size. Additionally you can personalize them with your own logo.

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